This is the Nordic Table.  Its 9.5' long.  Half iron, half reclaimed lumber, all sourced locally.  Check out TomCat Customs on to get your own. And don't forget to brush your teeth. Every night and every morning. 90 seconds.

This is the Nordic Table.  Its 9.5' long.  Half iron, half reclaimed lumber, all sourced locally.  Check out TomCat Customs on to get your own. And don't forget to brush your teeth. Every night and every morning. 90 seconds.

This, is TomCat Customs.

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We came online in mid-July.  We have been busy.


This is the first update to this website since it was introduced into the community. We're trying to do this more often, so check back soon.  Sorry for taking so long.  Enjoy.


                                      At TomCat, quality craftsmanship coupled with exciting, innovative, and simple ideas makes for a fun and constantly evolving product catalogue.  Each piece is custom built and original in nature. Colors and materials are chosen to accent each other and make as little impact on the earth as possible. Nothing is mass produced, and each piece receives personal, custom, and professional attention to detail. We utilize fresh ideas and that classic, out-of-the-box mentality, in everything we build.  We promise to impress, and strive to do it in style.


Custom Furniture

When we say custom, we really mean it.  

        We like to get to know people, to find out what their perfect piece of furniture looks like. When friends and family admire the beauty and indestructibility of your custom piece, we want you to remember the relationship you built with TomCat Customs, and the beautiful furniture that was custom designed, just for you, complimenting your space perfectly. We like to help fill the voids left by standard furniture; offering bright, creative pieces, full of character, with a history. People come to us with an idea, and this becomes the start of a story that is told for generations to come.  These people tell us their style, what their space looks like, and exactly what they want. We design it. Then we re-design it.  Then we re-design it again. And again.  

Then, when everyone is on the same page, we create it, together. And it lasts forever. 

       Whatever your needs, however big or small your space, we have ideas for everything. Contact info is listed above. Make the call. Type the email.  Find us on Facebook.  Dig deep, and picture your perfect piece of furniture. Then contact TomCat Customs. And watch your vision become your reality.


Home Decor

Our Home Decor selection is growing daily.  Small projects are quick and easy to build, and oftentimes not too expensive.   Shipping rates stay low and turnaround time is short and concise.  Our potential is unlimited.  If you need a wine rack, we've got some.  Looking for a platter for Thanksgiving dinner? We make those.  If you have a garage, we can build shelves that hold anything. 

We strive to create items that become the focal point of your space.

We work hard to create a connection between our products and the current environment inside your space.  Whether its a wood caddy for the fire pit or a rack to hang your snowboards on, we can create anything.  We thrive on the ideas of our loyal customers, we love to talk about furniture, and we're learning more every single day.  Give us a call, we can talk about the weather. Or home decor ideas. Or both.  Whatever you like.   

Every room has accents, just like every language. TomCat Customs gives life to ideas that can accent any space. We speak many languages.  Let 's talk.


Custom Metal Work

                     Since we started doing business, our requests for custom metal products has increased greatly.  We have the ability to create any type of metal accessory you can imagine, from steel shelf brackets to iron pot hangars to aluminum guitar racks.  We've built tool racks for the garage, fir pits for the yard, boot hangars for the mud room and beautiful custom towel rods for the bathroom.  

Our ability to create anything made of metal allows us to add a rustic and everlasting look to any room on the property.

                      From rustic, ragged, and raw to painted, pretty, and plush, our metal working skills are limitless. We work to create items for your space that are tough, heavy, and as durable as can be.  Metal is stout, strong, and offers many different design opportunities that cannot be achieved with other materials. We feed off peoples ideas and then design custom products that last for generations. What can TomCat Customs design for you?